Military Urged To Use Force Multipliers To Combat Boko Haram

Renowned security expert, Dr. Ona Ekhomu has advised the military high command to deploy force multipliers in the fight against Boko Haram terrorists. He said this had become necessary as military personnel resource needed to control the geographically-vast hot zones of Boko Haram atrocities in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe States was scarce and there was a need to invent new strategies in the war against terror.

Ekhomu explained that in recent deadly attacks in Madagali LGA of Adamawa State, and Gwoza, Damboa, Chibok and Kondugha LGAs in Borno State, the terrorists had shown adaptive capacity, choosing to carry out stealth attacks in communities, villages and towns in these areas, while avoiding military patrols that tended to concentrate on the highways. He said that security forces must utilize force multipliers in order to increase their effectiveness in containing the killings by Boko Haram terrorists.

In a news release issued in Lagos on Monday, the security expect lamented that recent BH attacks were becoming more brazen and deadly. He sympathized with the victims of the attack on the Catholic Church in Chakawa Village, Madagali LGA of Adamawa State which resulted in the mass murder of 35 persons; the attack on the EYN Church at Sabo Gari area of Gulak, headquarters of Madagali LGA that resulted in the killing of the Pastor and ten worshippers. Ekhomu also condemned the killing of 55 persons and the torching of over 300 houses and shops including about seven mosques in Kawuri Village in Kondugha LGA Borno. In Wawa village in Gwoza LGA of Bornu State BH terrorists shot several villagers dead, set fire to homes and shops before carting away livestock and food stuffs.

Ekhomu who is President of Association of Industrial and Safety Operators of Nigeria (AISSON) said that in order to protect the towns, villages and communities close to the mountainous Gwoza LGA in Borno State and Madagali LGA in Adamawa State, security forces have to resort to the use of force multipliers which includes specialized security tips hotlines, customized intelligence operations, perception management, and aerial rapid response.

He defined force multiplier “as a capability that when added and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of its success against the enemy”

Force multiplier measures include the provision of GSM phones and use of dedicated security hotlines for the reporting of BH attacks on rural communities. It is also the development of intelligence assets within the communities and the use of threat assessment software to predict BH attacks.

He called for the urgent provision of telephones with pre-programmed hotline numbers that citizens may use to report attacks by BH terrorists. He said, a minimum of 20 telephones should be purchased and distributed to each community with training of villagers on how to report BH attacks to a consolidated military command center manned by well-trained operators who can speak the local languages.

He called for the use of helicopters in deployment of response forces in the mountainous region. He said that his computerized analysis of BH attacks showed that they were serial in nature and usually lasted several hours. It was tactically better to deploy reaction forces using helicopters in order to repel the BH attacks and reduce the mindless and cruel killing of innocent Nigerians.

Chairman of the School of Management and Security, Dr. Ekhomu said that some BH convoys were being mistaken for convoys of politician in the hot zones. As a result political campaign convoys should be banned in the states under emergency rule until the terrorists are routed out. He said that the security of citizens was more important than political campaigns adding that “political activities should not serve as a cover for terrorist attacks”.

Miss Tope Adesuyi

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