AISSON Security Conference 2011: A Success

In the fight against terrorism within the nation, the Association of Industrial Security and Safety Operators of Nigeria (AISSON) this year organised a conference.:
AISSON SECURITY CONFERENCE 2011 held on the 30th June 2011 at the National Institute of International Affairs, Lagos-Nigeria.

The conference with the theme: ‘Combating Terrorism in Nigeria’ was in high attendance, with dignitaries from the security industry in Nigeria gracing the occasion.

Speakers at the conference included:

– Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ola Saed Ibrahim
– Abdullahi Y. Shehu, PhD. (Director General, GIABA)
– Dr. Ona Ekhomu, CFE, CPP
– Barr. Mike Ejiofor, PNM, FSI
– Major Ibrahim Bantam (Rtd.)

The following papers were given at the conference:

Welcome Address by Major Ibrahim Bantam (Rtd.): The theme of our second security conference is “Combating Terrorism in Nigeria”. The terrorist threat to lives, property and mission has in recent times assumed very frightening proportions with multiple bomb blasts across the country. As I speak to you today, Abuja is under a curfew due to the terrorist threat… [Click Here]

Utilization Of Intelligence In The Fight Against Terrorism: “Nigeria’s Federal Capital has been rocked by another bomb explosion following a blast at Louis Edet House, the Nigeria Police Force Headquarters, this morning. It is the second major blast in the city, less than a year following the devastating twin blasts of October 1st last year which left over 20 dead… [Click Here]

New Approaches In The Regional Fight Against Money Laundering And Terrorism Financing In West Africa: The recent economic crises which manifested in 2008, has revealed to the world the fragility of the international financial system and has brought to the fore the need for total vigilance. The crash of the Nigeria’s securities market during the period, leading to loss of over 50% market value of tradable securities… [Click Here]

Remarks By The Special Guest Of Honor, Chief Of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Ola Saed Ibrahim: Some few years back, Nigeria only learnt of terrorism and terrorist activities in distance countries through the media. Today however, terrorism and its activities have become nearly a daily occurrence in Nigeria. Every well meaning Nigerian should be concerned about this ugly and unwholesome situation… [Click Here]

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